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Inlays & Onlays
West Linn, OR

Woman smiling with perfect teeth in West Linn, OR at Roane Family Dental.At Roane Family Dental, we have patients coming in for cavities that are too extensive for a simple filling but not enough to be covered with crowns. In such cases, our specialized dentists restore the damage in their teeth by using inlays or onlays. These are prepared and molded outside the patient's mouth and then fitted in, unlike direct fillings, and thus, are considered indirect fillings. Inlays and onlays offer permanent restoration of the patient's tooth and do not require retouching. Because they are fitted inside the existing tooth, they do not affect adjacent teeth at all and provide strength to the tooth.

Some of our patients have small cavities inside the cusps that our experts fill with inlays. If the damage is on multiple cusps, we fill them with onlays.

How It Works

It is a two-visit procedure to permanently fix the inlays and onlays. During the first visit, we examine our patient's mouth thoroughly to know their oral health. We numb the area to be worked on by using local anesthesia. Next, we drill the tooth to clean and remove the decay in it.

Then, our dentist takes an impression of the tooth using a small tray containing dental putty and sends it to our laboratory for creating an inlay or onlay. We measure the impression correctly so that the inlay or onlay perfectly fits our patient's damaged tooth. Our dentist will employ a temporary cover until the permanent filling is created. We use porcelain or resin materials as they can be completely matched to the color of our patient's teeth. On special request, we use gold or other metal as the base material of inlay or onlay.

A week later, our patient will return to have the customized inlays or onlays fixed after removing the temporary cover. We use high-quality resin adhesive to stick the indirect filling to our patient's tooth permanently. Lastly, we apply polish to make sure the treatment looks and feels smooth with an aesthetically pleasing finish.

What Is the Difference Between Inlays and Onlays?

Inlays are opted for when our patient's tooth is partially damaged and needs to be filled inside the cusp tips. Onlays are performed when the damaged tooth of our patient requires a deeper filling extending over the cusps, meaning the damage is on the biting surface. Both inlay and onlays are incorporated to the patient's tooth if the tooth is weak and requires a large dental filling or if the tooth requires removal of material but not enough to support a crown.

We have a specialized dental team. Our team aspires to work efficiently without causing any discomfort or trouble to our patients. We do not want our patients to visit us repeatedly for any procedure and thus, we try and incorporate the best-suited solution. Inlays and onlays do an excellent job of restoring gaps completely while looking completely natural.

Our team's many years of experience ensure that patients in need of an inlay or onlay procedure get the very best results possible. To find out more about this and other restorative treatments we specialize in, call us, Roane Family Dental at (503) 657-1215 today.

I adore Dr. Roane and his staff.

"I have been a patient here for 10 years, since he started this practice. He has fixed my chipped front teeth twice, most recently this week. He is truly an artist and such a nice guy! My teeth look natural and healthy again. As always, the procedure was painless, quick, and professional. The office is clean, the front office is efficient, and everyone is friendly.

Dr. Roane even opened the clinic on New Year's Day a few years ago to treat my daughter's dry socket after she had her wisdom teeth pulled. I will always be grateful for that, and will remain a loyal patient here even though I moved to Tigard 2 years ago."
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To find out more about inlay and onlay procedures or other restorative dental treatments we and Dr. Matt Roane specialize in, call us, Roane Family Dental today.
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