Emergency Dental Care

Emergency Dental Care

As a West Linn emergency dentist, our team at Roane Family Dental understands that some oral health problems just can’t wait. If you’ve suffered a chipped, cracked, or broken tooth; had a filling become loose or broken; or you’re experiencing a severe toothache, you need quick and reliable dental care to maintain and improve your oral health.

Dr. Roane understands just how devastating oral trauma can be not only to the state of a patient’s smile, but also to their ability to perform daily tasks like eating, drinking, and talking. Dental emergencies can also cause a great deal of unwanted stress and anxiety as patients worry about the potential for permanent damage that could distract from their appearance.

Dr. Roane can help take the stress out of your dental emergency by providing the quality dental care needed to restore your smile back to health. If you need a West Linn emergency dentist, call Roane Family Dental today to schedule an immediate appointment. Dr. Roane offers a comprehensive range of emergency dental care services designed to treat a range of problems that include:

Chipped or Fractured Teeth

While our teeth rank as some of the strongest and most resilient parts of the body, years of stress and strain can cause them to chip or break. Teeth can crack for a variety of reasons that range from cavities as the result of tooth decay to biting down too hard. When this occurs, it’s vital that you immediately see a dentist. In addition to the pain and aesthetic concerns that come from a chipped or broken tooth, delaying treatment greatly increases your risk of developing an infection that can threaten the long-term health of the tooth.

Knocked Out Tooth

Whether from contact during a game of pickup basketball or an unlikely household accident, having a tooth knocked out can cause some serious panic. While a knocked out tooth ranks as a very serious dental emergency, the damage doesn’t have to be permanent. Dr. Roane can even fully restore a knocked out tooth back to health if able to treat the injury quickly.
Saving the tooth requires that you keep calm and act quickly by:
• Picking up the tooth by the crown, while making sure to avoid touching the tooth’s roots
• Gently rinse the tooth off using pure, clean water if dirty
• Placing the tooth immediately back in the socket after cleaning, if possible
• Keeping the tooth moist at all times during your trip to the dentist
• Seeing an emergency dentist within 30 minutes of having the tooth displaced
Failure to follow the tips above could result in the permanent loss of the tooth. In the unfortunate case where salvaging the tooth isn’t possible, Dr. Roane can explore alternative treatment options such as a dental implant or bridge.

Lost Crown or Filling

There are a number of reasons why a crown or filling may fall out. While this may not seem like as big an emergency as losing a tooth, it is still important that you have the tooth fixed quickly to prevent any further problems from developing. If you notice something doesn’t feel quite right when eating, or you’re experiencing pain whenever biting down, you may have a filling that’s become broken, loose, or actually fallen out. Once you realize that something is wrong, you need to contact Dr. Roane immediately to schedule an appointment to have the filling or crown replaced or repaired.


If you’re experiencing a severe and prolonged toothache, you may be having a dental emergency. If you are uncertain of the cause of a toothache, you need to see Dr. Roane right away. The pain could be caused by a number of factors that range from the mild – such as tooth decay – to the far more severe, such as infected gums or an abscessed tooth.

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