Dental Implants

For missing or severely broken teeth, the best solution is a dental implant. Implants take place in two steps:

implants dental implants West Linn

  • First, the implant is surgically placed in your jaw bone. Our West Linn dental team takes every precaution to make this procedure comfortable and reassuring, using local anesthesia and the option of sedation for the experience that works best for you.
  • Next, the implant is given several months to allow the bone to heal around it, creating a rock-solid foundation for your new tooth. Then the new tooth, fitted to your unique dentition in color and likeness, is fitted to the implant.

Dental implants have a 95% success rate and are one of the best options for restoring your confident, beautiful smile after tooth loss or irreversible damage has occurred. Our team is extensively trained in providing the highest quality dental implants West Linn has ever seen.

To learn more about dental implants and your options, please speak with Dr. Roane, your choice for the best dental implants West Linn has to offer, at your next appointment. You can also visit: DENTSPLY Implants for Life

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