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Crowns (CEREC)
West Linn, OR

Hands preping CEREC machine at Roane Family Dental in West Linn, ORDental patients have become more discerning of the quality of services they receive. At Roane Family Dental our team has seen stronger demand for efficiency, which is why we have adopted innovations like CEREC crowns to help deliver a better service. Unlike traditional permanent crowns that take 2-3 weeks before they are ready to be fit, CEREC crowns are ready and applied almost immediately once the tooth has been prepared. This means no waiting period where the patient has to suffer through an uncomfortable temporary crown.

How CEREC Crowns Are Done

CAD/CAM technology stands for computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing. These terms refer to the devices used in the creation of CEREC crowns the very same day you visit our dentist. During your appointment, our dentist will prepare the tooth for the crown. This usually involves cleaning and filing down the tooth to make enough room for the cap.

Using an intraoral camera, our dentist will then take three-dimensional images of your tooth. These renders are used by the computer to make computations as to the size and contours of the cap that will perfectly fit over the tooth. This data is then sent to the milling machine that carves out the crown from a ceramic block. CEREC crowns are ceramic, making them ideal for use in both the front and back areas. Once the crown is ready, our dentist will check it for fit and glue it in place.

Why Choose CEREC Crowns Over Traditional Crowns

While traditional crowns are still part of the services we offer, the CEREC option stands out for several benefits it offers. The first is speed. By eliminating the wait time required for a permanent crown to be made, it takes just a matter of hours before a patient walks out with a full set of comfortable teeth. Unlike traditional crowns that may require as many as three appointments to complete, you just need one visit for CEREC crowns.

Fewer appointments also translate to less money spent, not just to see the dentist, but also travel costs and having to take time off work. Depending on your occupation, taking time off can mean losing earning opportunities. The speed at which teeth are worked on also helps to keep them stronger. CEREC crowns offer better strength than temporary crowns made with resin.

With temporary crowns in place, patients have to be careful not to damage the covered tooth until the permanent cap is ready. There are often food restrictions and discomfort due to poor fit. Because of how carefully calibrated CEREC crowns are, the fitting is normally perfect, and you can return to normal functions immediately. Smiling, talking, drinking, and chewing your regular food will not be a problem. Correct fitting also reduces the risk of bacteria getting in under the cap to cause further decay.

CEREC crowns also require less trimming or filing down of teeth to be capped. The less natural tooth that has to be removed, the healthier it is. Because they are made of ceramic material, you are also assured of retaining a natural appearance to your smile.

If you have a dental problem that needs professional attention, then our team can help you. Get in touch with us, Roane Family Dental at (503) 657-1215 and we will be happy to find you a solution.

I adore Dr. Roane and his staff.

"I have been a patient here for 10 years, since he started this practice. He has fixed my chipped front teeth twice, most recently this week. He is truly an artist and such a nice guy! My teeth look natural and healthy again. As always, the procedure was painless, quick, and professional. The office is clean, the front office is efficient, and everyone is friendly.

Dr. Roane even opened the clinic on New Year's Day a few years ago to treat my daughter's dry socket after she had her wisdom teeth pulled. I will always be grateful for that, and will remain a loyal patient here even though I moved to Tigard 2 years ago."
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At Roane Family Dental, we offer CEREC crown technology which is ready and applied almost immediately once the tooth has been prepared. Call us today to schedule an appointment!
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