General Dentistry

Your smile is the first thing people see. Our mission is to make it a healthy and beautiful one.

Looking for the best dentist West Linn, Oregon has to offer? We are itA Passion for Prevention

At Roane Family Dental, we view prevention as a partnership between our patients and our dental care team. Half of that partnership happens at home, with regular brushing and flossing. The other half happens in our West Linn dental office where our highly trained dental professionals use imaging and regular check ups to monitor the health of your mouth. Our oral health exams are comprehensive, including periodontal health exams, oral cancer screenings, and dental cleanings that fit your individual needs.

New research shows an increasing connection between oral health and the health of the body, including links between periodontal disease and Alzheimer's or cardiovascular diseases. At our West Linn dental office, our goal is to build strong, long-lasting relationships with our patients that produce the overall health benefits associated with excellent preventive dental care.

Flawless Fillings

We strive for perfection, but statistically, almost everyone experiences some type of tooth decay within their lifetime. Our job is to spot the decay at your regular family dental exams, remove it, and restore your tooth to its former beauty and function.

Our clinic uses composite fillings rather than silver amalgam because they provide a better finished product and are healthier for your body. The composite matches your tooth coloring and bonds directly to your teeth, creating a rock-hard finish that provides both beauty and durability. Before this or any procedure, West Linn dentist Dr. Roane will sit down to speak with you about what the procedure entails and what your best options are.

crownOnlays and Crowns

Would you like to have your porcelain restoration completed in a single visit? You got it! The future of dentistry is here today! That's right! No more goopy impression material, no temporary crown. We complete your porcelain restoration using Cerec Technology.

In dentistry, it is vital to treat each tooth in the most conservative way possible. When a tooth requires a restoration stronger than a filling, the best treatment is a porcelain onlay. What is an onlay? Think of it as a large filling with the beauty and longevity of a crown all while preserving healthy tooth structure. In some cases, your best option may be a dental crown rather than a filling. If a tooth has extensive decay, is fractured, or its strength is otherwise compromised, a crown is an excellent choice for restoring function and appearance.

bridgeFixed Bridges

In the case of a missing tooth, a fixed bridge might be the right option for restoring your smile. Fixed bridges "bridge" the gap a missing tooth creates by using teeth on either side of the empty space to anchor the bridge in place. Bridges match existing teeth and both complete your smile and improve the oral functions of chewing and speaking.

An alternative to a fixed bridge is a dental implant.

dentures dentist west linnDentures

Full or partial dentures are another restorative dental care option that we offer. Our clinic offers the most flattering, comfortable, and lifelike dentures West Linn has yet to see. To learn more about which restorative dental options are the right fit for you and your unique dental needs, talk to Dr. Roane, the best dentist West Linn, Oregon has to offer, at your next appointment.

Dr. roane talking dentist west linnCare and Communication You Can Count On

Forging partnerships in care with our patients means that you are an informed and active participant in your restorative oral health care. If a dental implant, crown, bridge, or dentures appear to be the best treatment choice, Dr. Roane will sit down and speak with you in detail about why this option best fits your needs.

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