Kids’ Dental Care

As a kids' dentist in West Linn, Dr. Roane and our team at Roane Family Dental believe that children need to receive dental care at an early age to protect their oral health later in life.

Kids' Dental Care at Roane Family Dental

While it might seem unnecessary to focus on a child’s oral health until they are older, receiving care early on once his or her teeth have started to emerge will greatly lower the risk of tooth decay and other complications that can permanently damage a child’s smile.

If a child suffers from untreated tooth decay in his or her baby teeth, the resulting damage could require that Dr. Roane remove the decayed tooth prematurely. When a child loses a tooth at too young an age, it impacts the development of permanent teeth as they form.

Baby teeth act as space holders that help to guide permanent teeth into position. The space left vacated by a missing baby tooth can cause permanent teeth to develop crooked, crowded, or misaligned. This increases the odds that a child will need orthodontic treatment or other costly dental treatments to restore the health of their smile.

With just a little prevention, parents can help ensure their children enjoy a lifetime of healthy teeth and a great-looking smile. Here are a few tips every parent should know about West Linn pediatric dental care.

When should you first bring a child to see a dentist in West Linn?

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that parents schedule a child’s first dental appointment by the age of one, or within six months of the first tooth eruption. This first visit will help to introduce your child to our West Linn family dental office in a friendly, anxiety-free manner. Dr. Roane wants all of his patients to feel comfortable at our office, so if any treatment becomes necessary, he can make a child’s first dental visit a successful one.


What happens during a child’s first visit?

The first visit to see Dr. Roane will consist of a very relaxed examination of your child’s current oral health. Dr. Roane will gather all relevant medical history, allow your child to meet our friendly staff, tour the office, take a seat in the dental chair, and be encouraged to have as much fun as possible throughout the visit.

If your child appears comfortable and relaxed, Dr. Roane will perform a comprehensive oral health examination. Parents will also be given tips on the oral hygiene routines, diets, and nutrition habits that will best meet their child’s dental needs. In most cases, our staff of gentle dental hygienists will complete a dental cleaning, fluoride treatment, and take any dental x-rays that are both necessary and appropriate for the child’s age. However, any and all of these steps can wait if your child appears uncomfortable or unhappy during the visit.

How to prevent dental anxiety in kids

Dr. Roane understands that many adults don’t like visiting the dentist due to experiencing dental anxiety. For many of us, learning to fear the dentist started at a young, becoming a phobia we carried into adulthood. It’s important that kids grow up comfortable with the dentist to prevent a lifetime of dental anxiety from acting as a barrier to receiving the type of care needed to enjoy quality oral health.

Kids experience a lot of unknowns when first visiting a dentist, including the new environments, sights, and sounds. Even with a parent by their side, a child can still feel nervous, anxious, or uncomfortable during an appointment to see Dr. Roane.

To help make your child’s visit a comfortable one, our team is highly trained to make the appointment as stress-free and relaxing as possible. From greeting your child with a warm smile to always ensuring his or her comfort throughout the appointment, our team will always make your child our top priority.

Additionally, words often associated with dental anxiety, such as “hurt," “needles," and “shot” are always avoided. We also encourage parents to positively discuss visiting the dentist with their kids. If you don’t like visiting the dentist, and you talk negatively about what to expect, your kids will pick up on how you feel. Instead, use positive language that makes a dental visit sound exciting rather than something to dread.

The Dos and Dont's of Kids' Dental Care


  • Bring your child in a few minutes early before his or her scheduled appointment time.
  • Get your child excited about visiting the dentist and meeting new friends, Dr. Roane and our team.
  • Share fun stories about visiting the dentist when you were a kid.


  • Make promises you can’t keep, such as telling your child this “won’t hurt."
  • Use language like “scary” or “frightened” to describe how a child might feel.
  • Share your bad experiences with visiting the dentist.


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